Statement by Ambassador Mitsuru Kitano at the IAEA Board of Governors Meeting starting on 4 March 2019: Agenda Item 3: Strengthening the Agency’s activities related to nuclear science, technology and applications: Nuclear Technology Review 2019


Thank you, Madam Chair,

We welcome the “Nuclear Technology Review (NTR) 2019” as a useful tool to summarize and provide information on the technological developments, especially in 2018, in the fields of both nuclear power and non-power applications.

Nuclear science and technology play an important role in achieving the SDGs set out by the United Nations, and we expect that the IAEA, with the cooperation of Member States, will continue to further promote the peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

【Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Science and Technology】

Madam Chair,

The “Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Science and Technology,” held last November, focused on the Agency’s motto of “Atoms for Peace and Development” and promoted dialogue among high level participants on the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, especially in the fields of health, medicine, food and agriculture, the environment, and water resources. The utilization of nuclear science and technology, and its role in further contributing towards achieving the SDG, was also promoted during the conference.

We welcome the adoption of the Ministerial Declaration through the cooperation of all Member States as well as the attendance of over 1100 delegates from 137 countries, with ministerial level participation from 54 countries.

Through this declaration, we were able to reach a consensus on the significance and importance of nuclear science and technology, and its applications, the basic policies in this field and future challenges.

We were pleased to play a key role as co-chair together with Costa-Rica at this conference, and we would again like to express our sincere appreciation to each Member State for their cooperation.

At the plenary session of this conference, our head of delegation Mr. Kiyoto TSUJI announced a new financial contribution of approximately 1.2 million euros in total through the PUI for the IAEA’s projects.

We hope that this support will contribute to addressing urgent needs, such as infectious disease prevention, cancer treatment and agricultural productivity through nuclear science and technology. We will continue to play a positive role in this field with the Agency and Member States.

【ReNuAl Project】

Madam Chair,

The renovation of the Seibersdorf Laboratory through the ReNuAL and ReNuAL+ projects brings great benefits to all Member States and address emerging needs in utilizing nuclear application technologies. At the same time, these projects are also intended to promote the implementation of further effective and efficient support measures for Member States.

We were able to evaluate the smooth progress of these projects at the opening ceremony of the Flexible Module Laboratory (FML) in November, during the Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Science and Technology.

To complete these important projects, we recognize the importance of additional support from a wide range of Member States as well as further efforts in strengthening partnerships with various stakeholders, including those in the private sector. We will continue to closely monitor the implementation of these projects and request the Secretariat to continue to report its progress to Member States as appropriate.

With these comments, Japan takes note of the Agency’s Nuclear Technology Review 2019 contained in GOV/2019/4.

Thank you, Madam Chair.