26th CCPCJ Agenda Item 8: Follow-up to the 13th UN Crime Congress and Preparations for the 14th UN Crime Congress


Statement by Mr. Hiroshi Kikuchi, Assistant Vice-Minister of Justice, Japan

Thank you, Mr. Chairperson,
At the outset, Japan would like to thank and commend the State of Qatar for its continued commitment to follow up on the 13th Crime Congress, including through its support to the UNODC’s Global Programme to promote a culture of lawfulness, and to support the preparation for the 14th Crime Congress to be held in Japan.

(Overall Theme, Agenda Items, and Workshop Topics)
On a related note, Japan expresses its appreciation to all the Member States who have actively participated in the negotiation of the overall theme, agenda items and workshop topics for the 14th Crime Congress. Japan also extends its greatest appreciation to the Member States who have demonstrated their utmost level of cooperation and flexibility during the informal consultation. Especially concerning agenda items 3 and 4, we went through full deliberations to come to an agreement and to share the significance of holding agenda items and workshop topics under the present titles. Japan also believes that we made progress in exploring a common understanding of a culture of lawfulness through our discussions,
Collective effort of the Member States has led us to a very good basis for our discussions in the next Congress.  

(Preparations for the 14th UN Crime Congress)
In Japan, steady preparations for the next Congress are underway. Last year, an interagency coordinating task force was newly established. Since then, we have been coordinating the roles of related government agencies and elaborating a roadmap leading to the year 2020.
As for the venue, we have received applications from five local governments, and we are currently reviewing the submitted documents. We anticipate that the venue will be selected by this autumn. We are fully aware that the venue is of great interest to the Member States. We are working hard to be able to announce the venue and the schedule of the next Congress at the next CCPCJ.

Mr. Chairperson,
This is the second time for Japan to host the Congress. The first time was in Kyoto in 1970, and the overall theme was “Crime and Development”. At that time, with the global trend toward urbanization and industrialization, countermeasures against crime were discussed. In 2020 — 50 years after the Kyoto Congress — the overall theme is associated with the Sustainable Development Goals. Given the common threads that link crime prevention and development, I feel like the 14th Congress was destined to take place in Japan after 50 years.  
I sincerely would like to express my deepest gratitude for all of the warm, kind and encouraging words to Japan in terms of the presentation of the next Congress made by distinguished delegates in the course of this CCPCJ. We will continue to make every effort to bring the next Congress to a successful outcome. We look forward to receiving your further advice and support.

Thank you, Mr. Chairperson.