Statement by Ambassador Mitsuru Kitano at the Board of Governors Meeting starting on Thursday, 26 September 2015 Item 5: Any other business (Informal Dialogue between Coastal and Shipping States on Transport)

Thank you, Mr. Chairman,
Taking this opportunity, I would like to share with you the current situation of the informal dialogue between coastal and shipping states on transport on behalf of the countries participating in the informal dialogue.
This informal dialogue process is aimed at improving mutual understanding, confidence-building and enhancing communication as described in the nuclear safety resolution adopted at the IAEA General Conference in September this year. Japan took over the chair role from Chile from September this year. I would like to thank and commend Chile for its outstanding leadership throughout the past year.
In the annual meeting held during the margin of IAEA General Conference in September this year, a number of successful results under the Chilean leadership, including the Table-Top Exercise successfully conducted in June this year, were reported. During the meeting, “Road Map 2015-2016”, which contains a number of action plans of the dialogue, was adopted. It includes an opportunity to enhance our understanding on the transport ship and a follow-up discussion on Table-Top exercise.
Japan reiterates our commitment to advance this dialogue in close cooperation with Portugal which is a coordinating country of coastal states and the next chair of this dialogue. Taking this opportunity, allow me to inform all Member states that the dialogue is open to all Member States and it is possible to join it as participating or observer country. If your country is interested in the dialogue process, please kindly contact the Japanese mission.
Thank you, Mr. Chairman