Statement by Ambassador Mitsuru Kitano at the IAEA Board of Governors Meeting starting on Monday, 10 September 2018: Item 5: Strengthening the Agency’s activities related to nuclear science,technology and applications

Thank you, Mr. Chairman,

Japan continues to strongly support Director General Yukiya Amano’s initiative; “Atoms for Peace and Development”. Under the initiative, the Agency helps Member States address their growing developmental needs through a wide range of activities in nuclear science, technology and applications.

In order to further strengthen the activities of the IAEA in the fields not only of nuclear power but also of non-power applications, such as human health, cancer care, food and agriculture, water management, and the environment, further policy dialogue and outreach efforts are essential.

From this standpoint, the "Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Science and Technology", which will be held in November, is of extreme importance as it provides valuable opportunities to effectively promote high level policy dialogue on peaceful uses of atomic energy and disseminate its outcomes.

This conference discussing the possibility of nuclear science and technology in a wide range of subjects, such as "improving quality of life" and "addressing climate change challenge", will focus on the IAEA’s activities to support each Member State for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

This conference will also strengthen collaboration with relevant partners, including the private sectors as well as relevant development agencies. The aims of such collaboration are to bring the results of research and development relating to the application of nuclear science and technology to the end-users, and to create sustainability and socio-economic impact.

It is a great pleasure and honor for our country to serve as co-president of this conference together with Costa Rica. As a country attaching great importance to the field of nuclear science, technology and applications, Japan, together with Costa Rica, is making its utmost efforts to reflect the views of each Member State for the outcome of this conference.

We very much appreciate the constructive involvement of each Member State, and will continue to work closely with Member States and the Secretariat for the success of this conference.

Japan is ready to provide support for the wide participation of high-level attendees at the conference, in order to carry out a more effective transmission of significant outcomes.

Mr. Chairman,

Recognizing the important role of the Seibersdorf Nuclear Application Laboratory in promoting the peaceful uses of atomic energy for all Member States, Japan strongly supports the ReNuAL Project.

As a major contributor to this project, we welcome its steady progress. At the same time, we recognize the additional budget and equipment needs for the ReNuAL+ project.

We hope that these needs will be fulfilled soon through further support from a wide range of Member States and the collaboration with other organizations including the private sector. Also we strongly expect the progress of the projects and the output of the laboratory’s activities will be highlighted during the “Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Science and Technology”.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.