Statement by H.E. Mr. Mitsuru Kitano, Permanent Representative, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan at the 45th Session of the Industrial Development Board for the UNIDO

 [Agenda Item 14: Recommendation of a candidate for the post of Director General]
Madame President,
I would like to begin by congratulating you on your election as Chair of the forty-fifth session of the IDB. I am sure that this session will be successful under your able leadership. I would also like to thank the outgoing Chair, Mme Ambassador Collinson of the Philippines, together with her Bureau members, for their dedicated work.
Madame President,
Japan congratulates the incumbent Director General, Mr. Li Yong, for being recommended by the IDB for the post of Director General for a second term. We highly commend the strong leadership of DG Li Yong, and express here again our unwavering support for his re-appointment for another 4 years.
DG Li Yong’s first term is full of positive and tangible outcomes. UNIDO’s role in the SDGs implementation is a significant example. The vision of ISID has been reflected in Goal 9. The IDDAIII is another highlight. These high hopes of the international community are confirmed by a sharp increase in voluntary contributions.
DG Li Yong has also made outstanding achievements in the bilateral sphere. The Japan-UNIDO cooperation in the context of SDGs implementation has been strengthened by DG Li Yong’s annual visits to Japan. UNIDO’s role as a platform for partnership with the Japanese private sector has been bolstered once again in this connection.
Our strong tie is embodied in recent projects, including those enhancing the energy sector in African countries funded with 16 million USD. We have also supported humanitarian-development nexus projects with a human-security approach in The Near and Middle East and African countries, with a total of 5.5 million USD.
The Kick-off Ceremony for these projects held this March in Vienna was a symbolic demonstration of cooperation between the donor, the recipients and UNIDO.
Madame President,
Now, let me turn to the future. Looking ahead on the further development of UNIDO, I would like to touch upon some important challenges.
First, sound budget compilation and implementation is essential to secure Member States’ support in the long-term under the present financial situation of UNIDO. By the same token, Member States should fulfil their respective obligations so as to normalize UNIDO’s regular budget cycle.
Second, UNIDO’s policy and strategy should be well thought-out to maximize the effects of its activities under the current budget constraints. For this purpose, clear emphasis should be kept on technical cooperation as the primary operative function of UNIDO. Close and continuous consultation with Member States is more than welcomed.
Last but not least, the withdrawal of Member States. We invite the Secretariat to continue taking concrete measures to stop this trend, to win back former Member States, and to mitigate the negative impact or imbalances caused by withdrawals.
Madame President,
In closing, I wish to assure you of our fullest cooperation for the success of this IDB meeting, and our commitment to continue our support to UNIDO and to DG Li Yong in his second term.