66th Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) agenda Item 4: strategic management, budgetary and administrative questions

Thank you, Mr. Chair,

I wish to extend our appreciation to the effort made by the Secretariat in the preparation of this session, with many delegations returning to Vienna for the first time in four years.
UNODC’s dedicated work through its research, normative and technical assistance, is duly recognized by the international community. Japan highly appreciates its operation through its expertise and strong network of field offices around the world.  In 2022, Japan contributed a total of $18.4 million to the Office in order to promote its activities based upon its needs on the ground.
We believe that it is all the more important that UNODC continues its efforts to ensure efficiency, transparency and accountability, including preparing and sharing project reports and financial statements with donor countries in a timely manner.  By doing so UNODC is able to gain trust from each Member State, and thereby make flexible and timely responses to urgent calls made by the international community.

We recognize that UNODC has been facing financial challenges for years. The recent downward trend in the general purpose fund requires a flexible approach to various challenges on the ground.  In this regard, it is all the more critical for UNODC to explore a creative programming and funding model, along with effective use of programme support costs (PSC). We would like to see continued efforts by the Secretariat to build a highly transparent funding model through close communication with Member States.
Last, but not least, while we appreciate the efforts of UNODC to promote equitable geographical representation in its staff composition, it must be recognized that significant gaps between regions still exist. We would like to recall and highlight the importance of strengthening geographical diversity and look forward to further efforts by the Secretariat.
In closing, Japan highly values the work of UNODC and will continue to support it through our personnel and financial contributions as well as through our constructive engagement with the Secretariat.
Thank you.