Japan and UNIDO are working together in collaboration with many developing countries and regions in various fields. The private sector contributes greatly to our projects as a key partner providing technology and know-how. Please find below topic sheets showcasing recent examples of cooperation.



These topic sheets were published in April 2020 as a joint communication project between Japan and UNIDO. Our special thanks goes to all project managers involved, and the UNIDO communication team for their wonderful work. 

Human Security
Trade & Investment
Energy & Environment

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  Support to UNIDO's role in the implementation of IDDA3 

Human Security 

·       Egypt

  Youth employment for socio-economic stability in Upper Egypt


·       Gabon

  Strengthening food security and quality to improve livelihoods in Gabon


·      Iran

  Employment and economic growth through fishery value chain development in the Islamic Republic of Iran

  Enhancing the Economic Resilience of Chabahar through Strengthening the Fishery Industry 


·       Iraq

  Promotion of social stabilization by creating employment and improving food security in Iraq

  Integrated stabilization, economic recovery, and reconstruction upport for displaced persons and returnees in Iraq

  Promotion of Social Stabilization and Acceleration of Economic Recovery in Ninevah Governorate of Iraq   


·       Jordan

  Creating jobs to enhance economic resilience and social stabilization in the northern region of Jordan

  Creating employment and promoting social cohesion in the host communities of Syrian refugees in Jordan


·      Lebanon

  Market-based construction skills training for all


·      Liberia

  Promoting social stabilization through vocational training and job creation for vulnerable people and communities in Liberia

  Promoting youth employment by supporting technical and vocational education in Liberia

  Reintegration of Liberian returnees through skills training and job creation


·       Nigeria

  Promoting social stabilization through entrepreneurship development in north-eastern Nigeria


·       Pakistan

  Project for Agri-food and Agro-industry Development Assistance in Pakistan 


·       Palestine

  Supporting the garment and textile value chain for increased employability of women and youth in the State of Palestine


·       Somalia

  Community stabilization through livelihood recovery in post-crisis Somalia


·       South Sudan

  Empowering displaced persons through food security, employment, and income opportunities


·       Syria

  Technical cooperation for long-term capacity-building and supporting the industrial sector in the Syrian Arab Republic


·       Turkey

  Vocational training in apparel manufacturing for Syrian refugees in Turkey

·       Uganda

  Project for Development of the Construction Equipment Operator Training Centre   


Trade & Investment 

  Facilitating private sector development and direct investments through public-private partnership   

Energy & Environment 

·       Ethiopia

  Energy efficiency through product standard and comparative labeling of electric stoves

  Improving public health by solar-powered water sanitation systems in Ethiopia (Phase 1 and 2) 

·       South Africa

  Project for Support for Transitioning from Conventional Plastics to More Environmentally Sustainable Alternatives

·       Africa

  Geothermal power generation for sustainable development 

  LCET Programme - clean energy through technology transfer 

·       World
  Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN) 

·       Africa (Egypt, Kenya, Senegal and South Africa)
  Low-carbon and climate-resilient industrial development in Africa 



  Structural change for inclusive and sustainable industrial development