Ambassador Kitano made a speech on the celebration of the anniversaries of the IAEA Safeguards Support Programmes

On 9th March, Ambassador Mitsuru Kitano attended the ceremony to celebrate the anniversaries of the IAEA Safeguards Support Programmes of the European Commission, Hungary, Japan and the United States. In his speech, Ambassador Kitano said, “Japan has accumulated a vast amount of experiences on safeguards, through its long history of cooperation with the IAEA, particularly after its Safeguards Agreement with the IAEA in 1977. These experiences have enabled Japan to assist Member States in their safeguards implementation. Japan will continue to support safeguards-related capacity-building of Member States and will contribute to further development of safeguards in cooperation with the Agency.”

This year marks the 35th anniversary of Japan Support Programme for Agency Safeguards (JASPAS). At the ceremony, Ambassador Kitano received from the IAEA secretariat a certificate to commemorate the anniversary.