New Partnership between UNIDO, JICA, JETRO and UNDP for promoting SDGs through Japanese and African private sector business


On 28 August, UNIDO, JICA, JETRO and UNDP agreed a new partnership to promote the SDGs in Africa through business between the Japanese and African private sectors on the margins of the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD8) in Tunis.
UNIDO newly joined the partnership between JICA, JETRO and UNDP, which was established in 2019 at TICAD7.
Dr. YASUNAGA Yuko, Managing Director of UNIDO, Mr. TANAKA Akihiko, President of JICA, Mr. SASAKI Nobuhiko, Chairman and CEO of JETRO, and Mr. Achim Steiner, United Nations Under-Secretary General and UNDP Administrator, attended the press conference.
UNIDO offers vast expertise in industrialization through investment and technology transfer, and has rich experience in working with the private sectors of Japan and Africa. We hope that UNIDO’s participation in this new quadripartite partnership will further contribute to implementation of the SDGs in Africa, by harnessing the power of both private sectors.

UNIDO Press Release: “UNIDO joined JETRO, JICA and UNDP to boost innovation and investment in Africa”