The Joint Statement of the Friends of the CTBT on Russia’s decision to revoke its ratification of the CTBT

  1. As the Friends of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT), we deeply regret Russia’s recent decision to revoke its ratification of the CTBT, especially as it is one of the Annex States 2 and the largest nuclear-weapon State among ratifying states of the CTBT.
  1. Significant progress has been made in the past 27 years since the CTBT was opened for signature, including the past 23 years since Russia’s ratification of the Treaty. The CTBT has consolidated the universal norm banning nuclear weapons testing and has near universal support, with 178 ratifications, including eight additional ratifications since 2021. 
  1. Russia’s decision to revoke its ratification goes against the international community’s longstanding efforts and the renewed global determination to universalize the Treaty, and is a step in the wrong direction as we strive to achieve a world without nuclear weapons.
  1. We, the Friends of the CTBT, renew our call on all states who have yet to do so, to ratify the Treaty without delay. The CTBT is an important contribution to international peace and security, and all states will benefit from its entry into force as soon as possible. A legal and verifiable ban on nuclear testing constitutes a fundamental step towards the elimination of nuclear weapons by constraining their development and qualitative improvement.
  1. United in our commitment to achieving the early entry into force of the Treaty, we continue to advocate for the Treaty and to raise awareness of the benefits it brings and of the vital role it plays in the international nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation regime. We will continue to jointly make such efforts to further universalize the Treaty. In this context, we urge Russia to reconsider its decision to revoke its ratification of the CTBT and take all steps necessary to maintain and strengthen the international norm banning nuclear weapons testing.