Statement by Ambassador HIKIHARA Takeshi at the IAEA Board of Governors Meeting starting on Wednesday, 2 March 2022 The safety, security and safeguards implications of the situation in Ukraine

Thank you, Mr. Chair,

Let me start by thanking you, Mr. Chair for convening this meeting, and also by expressing my sincerely gratitude to the delegations of Canada and Poland for requesting this extraordinary session and preparing a draft resolution. I also thank the Director General Grossi for his introductory report on the situation in Ukraine.

Mr. Chair,

We all know where all problems and risks that we are discussing today derive from. Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine is an attempt to unilaterally change the status quo by force and shakes the foundation of international order. It constitutes a serious violation of international law and is totally unacceptable. Japan strongly condemns it.

Mr. Chair,

Japan is gravely concerned about the nuclear safety and security situation in Ukraine as the result of the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine. It is also our grave concern that the Russian Federation’s actions are impeding the IAEA from fully and safely conducting safeguards verification activities at Ukrainian nuclear facilities. Japan fully supports the reiterated call of the Director General to refrain from any military or other action that could threaten the safety and security of the nuclear facilities in Ukraine.

As the DG Grossi referred this morning, we unanimously adopted at the 34th and the 53rd General Conferences, “any armed attack on and threat against nuclear facilities devoted to peaceful purposes constitutes a violation of the principles of the United Nations Charter, international law and the Statute of the Agency”.

Japan calls on the Russian Federation to immediately cease all actions that hinder the competent Ukrainian Authorities from fully controlling over all nuclear facilities within its internationally recognized borders and ensuring their safe and secure operations, as well as all actions that impede the Agency from fully conducting its safeguards verification activities.

Japan commends the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine and its staff at the affected facilities for their vigilance and courage in ensuring continued safety and security in this difficult situation. Japan also commends the Director General and the IAEA secretariat for closely monitoring developments in Ukraine in line with its mandate under the difficult situation. We request the secretariat to continue to do so and report any development which may risk the safety, security and safeguards of nuclear materials in Ukraine.

To conclude, let me share with you that we believe the restoration of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine should be the way to assure the Nuclear Safety and Security, as well as normal implementation of the mandate of the Agency within Ukraine.

Thank you, Mr. Chair.