Statement by Ambassador HIKIHARA Takeshi at the IAEA Board of Governors Meeting starting on Monday, 6 March 2023 Item 12: Any other business (AUKUS)

Thank you, Chair,

Japan welcomes the updates given by the three States concerned and Director General Grossi on this trilateral cooperation on nuclear naval propulsion during this Board meeting. Japan also welcomes the engagement between the three States and the IAEA on this matter, including the technical consultations conducted to date between those States and the Agency.

It is crucially important to maintain and strengthen the nuclear non-proliferation regime. In this context, Japan appreciates the firm commitment of the three States to maintaining the highest possible non-proliferation standards.

The Director General and his team have been duly carrying out their work based upon objective facts, in accordance with the IAEA’s statutory mandate and the respective safeguards agreements of the three AUKUS countries. We steadily support their dedicated efforts.

Thank you, Chair.