Statement by Ambassador HIKIHARA Takeshi at the IAEA Board of Governors Meeting starting on Monday, 5 June 2023 Item 6(f): Naval Nuclear Propulsion: Brazil

Thank you, Chair,
Japan thanks Director General Grossi for preparing the report on this agenda item.
Japan appreciates that Brazil and the Agency have engaged in technical discussions in relation to an arrangement under Special Procedures pursuant to Article 13 of the Quadripartite Safeguards Agreement (QSA).
Japan considers it crucially important to maintain and strengthen the nuclear non-proliferation regime. We appreciate the firm commitment of Brazil to fulfill all of the obligations under the NPT and its safeguards agreement. We take note of the Agency’s aim to ensure that the safeguards measures and the approach to be developed in relation to the naval nuclear propulsion program of Brazil will enable the Agency to fulfil its obligations under the QSA guided by the Agency’s statutory mandate.
We welcome the Director General’s intention to continue to report this matter to the Board as appropriate.   
Thank you, Chair.