UNIDO-Japan WEBINAR EVENT “PARTNERING FOR ISID: New challenges and opportunities for the UNIDO-Japan cooperation”: Opening Session (29 June, 2021)


On June 29, Ambassador Hikihara, Permanent Representative of Japan to the International Organizations in Vienna and Mr. Li Yong, Director-General of UNIDO opened the UNIDO-Japan Webinar Series titled “PARTNERING FOR ISID: New challenges and opportunities for the UNIDO-Japan cooperation”. Over 220 persons took part in the opening session of this event co-organized by UNIDO and Japan.

In his opening remarks, Ambassador Hikihara referred to the current situation under the COVID-19 pandemic as “a global human security crisis”, putting people’s lives and all socio-economic activities in danger, especially in developing countries. He underlined the criticalness of industry resilience, sustained by vigorous investment and technology transfer in response to the crisis. He expressed Japan’s willingness to assist UNIDO in sustaining and promoting Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (ISID) during and after COVID-19 as the largest country-donor to its technical cooperation activities. This is the motif of holding the Webinar Series.
Director General Li Yong, on his part, expressed deep appreciation for the continued strong support rendered by the Government of Japan to UNIDO. He emphasized the need of solidarity to emerge stronger from the crisis, and noted that UNIDO had always given utmost importance to partnerships with diverse development actors, such as governments, the private sector, academia, civil society, international organizations and financial mechanisms and institutions.
In this Webinar Series, three thematic webinars are to be held, and a variety of experts and stakeholders of development cooperation will attend to share their experiences and insights. 

For more information on the Webinar Series:

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