Kick-off ceremony for new UNIDO projects funded by Japan

The Government of Japan has decided to fund three United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) projects in Cameroon, Palestine and Ukraine with 3.34 million USD.
The kick-off ceremony of these projects was held at the Vienna International Center on 15 April 2024. Ambassador KAIFU Atsushi of the Permanent Mission of Japan to the International Organizations in Vienna, Dr. Gerd Müller, Director-General of UNIDO, and representatives from Cameroon, Palestine and Ukraine attended the ceremony.
(Photos provided by UNIDO)
The international community is now facing deepening crises, which have considerably hampered economic and social development. This is  why we must continue to strive for the achievement of the SDGs.
In his opening remarks, Ambassador KAIFU noted that UNIDO is a long-standing and valuable partner of Japan in the TICAD process since its foundation in 1993. He expressed the hope that the new project in Cameroon will serve as one of the leading examples to accelerate the goal of TICAD 9, which will be held in August next year. He also expressed the hope that the new project in Palestine will support the establishment of a sustainable value chain in the agro-industry to alleviate food insecurity, and that the new project in Ukraine will expand on the achievements of the project funded in 2022, by supporting the reintegration in the job market of persons with disabilities.

Dr. Gerd Müller, Director-General of UNIDO thanked Japan for being “a very strong supporter of the kind of multilateralism the world needs," praising "the long, close partnership between UNIDO and the Government of Japan and the country’s firm commitment to bringing sustainable development to our partner countries through UNIDO’s expertise, with its tangible impacts around the world."
[New UNIDO projects funded by Japanese Grant Aid 2023]
  • Cameroon: Promoting sustainability and strengthening international competitiveness of domestic products by enhancing advanced technologies
[New UNIDO projects funded by Japanese Supplementary Budget 2023]
  • Palestine: Promotion of integrated services for enhanced industrial decarbonization and upgraded economic and social performance through the Palestinian Business Prosperity Center
  • Ukraine: Emergency assistance for 3D printed prosthetics and job creation in Ukraine
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