Kick-off ceremony for new UNIDO projects funded by Japan


The Government of Japan has decided to additionally fund two United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) humanitarian assistance projects in Iran and Iraq with USD640,000. Japan will further contribute to climate action by making a new pledge of  USD2.5 million towards the implementation of the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) programme via UNIDO.

The kick-off ceremony for this renewed Japan-UNIDO cooperation took place at the Vienna International Center on 12 March 2020. Besides marking the beginning of new projects, it also highlighted three UNIDO projects for which Japan’s funding was approved last summer. Ambassador HIKIHARA Takeshi of the Permanent Mission of Japan to the International Organizations in Vienna, and Mr. LI Yong, Director-General of UNIDO, assisted the ceremony. From the recipient countries, H.E. Ambassador GHARIB ABADI of the Permanent Mission of Iran, H.E. Ambassador HUSSEN of the Permanent Mission of Iraq, H.E. Ambassador KHAN of the Permanent Mission of Pakistan and the distinguished representatives of Uganda and South Africa were present.



In his speech, Ambassador HIKIHARA underlined the aim of all projects to contribute to the achievement of ISID using various approaches. He  expressed Japan's appreciation to UNIDO for its track-record of bringing about tangible outcomes in the field. He also shared Japan’s expectation to engage in further ambitious collaboration with UNIDO and partner countries in 2020, which marks the start of the “Decade of Action” for implementation of the 2030 Agenda.


Director-General LI expressed his appreciation for Japan’s long-standing political support towards the mandate of UNIDO. He also emphasized that the new portfolio of cooperation between Japan and UNIDO will contribute to the acceleration and transformational efforts to achieve the 2030 Agenda.


In a briefing session at the ceremony, the project-managers of UNIDO introduced the strategy and expected results of the new projects. Representatives from partner countries expressed their appreciation to Japan’s contributions and their hope for the success of the projects.





UNIDO press release “Japan and UNIDO partner to deliver #GlobalGoals”




New UNIDO projects funded by Japan


●Iran 0.18 million USD

“Enhancing the Economic Resilience of Chabahar through Strengthening the Fishery Industry”


●Iraq 0.45 million USD

“Promotion of Social Stabilization and Acceleration of Economic Recovery in Ninevah Governorate of Iraq”


●Pakistan 5.26 millioon USD

“Project for Agri-food and Agro-industry Development Assistance in Pakistan”


●South Africa 1.90 million USD

“Project for Support for Transitioning from Conventional Plastics to More Environmentally Sustainable Alternatives”


●Uganda 2.46 million USD

“Project for Development of the Construction Equipment Operator Training Centre”


You can see the fact-sheets of the above projects at the following UNIDO page.