Kick-off ceremony for new UNIDO projects funded by Japan

The Government of Japan has decided to additionally fund five United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) projects in Iraq, Somalia, South Sudan, Palestine and Ukraine with 3.01 million USD.
The kick-off ceremony of these projects was held at the Vienna International Center on 11 May 2023. Ambassador HIKIHARA Takeshi of the Permanent Mission of Japan to the International Organizations in Vienna, Dr. Gerd Müller, Director-General of UNIDO, and representatives from partner countries assisted the ceremony.

UNIDO’s Director General and Ambassador

The international community is now at a historic turning point, having experienced the COVID-19 pandemic and being faced with Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, which has shaken the very foundation of the international order. Due to these challenges seriously hampering economic and social development, Japan and UNIDO continue to strive for the achievement of the SDGs
The projects provide support to those who are struggling to overcome the ongoing climate and economic crises, and to move toward the achievement of the SDGs. The projects in Iraq, Somalia and South Sudan aim to mitigate the consequences of food insecurity and soft water shortages in these countries. The project in Palestine will promote industrialization and decarbonization in the country, while the Ukraine one will enable the transfer of technology to address the challenges faced by people with disabilities, particularly amputees and job creation support. Additionally, Japan is also funding two separate projects worth (approx. 2.8 million USD) at the continental level: vocational training in cooperation with Japanese companies based in Africa as well as enabling the diffusion of Japanese decarbonizing technology, equally in Africa.

UNIDO’s Director General remarked, “I sincerely thank Japan for our long, close partnership and firm commitment to support partner countries through UNIDO’s expertise.”
[New UNIDO projects funded by Japanese Supplementary Budget 2022]
  • Iraq: Emergency livelihood support to mitigate the food insecurity crisis among vulnerable peoples in Iraq
  • Somalia: Solar photovoltaic water desalination plants for vulnerable communities in Somalia
  • South Sudan: Empowering newly arrived female internally displaced persons to ensure food security and peace consolidation in South Sudan
  • Palestine: Promotion of integrated services for enhanced industrial decarbonization and upgraded economic and social performance through the Palestinian Business Prosperity Center
  • Ukraine: Emergency assistance for 3D printed prosthetics and job creation in Ukraine
[Link] UNIDO Press Release