Japan contributes USD 725,200 to the IAEA PUI project “Supporting the Preparation and Recovery of Civil Infrastructures in Case of Natural Disasters in Asia and the Pacific”

The Government of Japan has contributed 725,200 US Dollars through the IAEA Peaceful Uses Initiative (PUI) to assist IAEA Member States in building their capacities to utilize nuclear technology (Non-destructive testing: NDT) in recovering from earthquakes and other natural disasters.
Japan has been a strong advocate of peaceful nuclear applications for socio-economic development across the globe. It is fully committed to supporting the IAEA’s activities aimed at delivering the benefits of the use of nuclear technology in a peaceful, safe and secure manner, and this latest contribution demonstrates Japan’s determination to work closely with the IAEA towards this objective.
It is expected that this contribution will enable the IAEA to conduct workshops/training courses using NDT equipment for participants from a number of countries in Asia and the Pacific, a region particularly prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods.
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