Japan’s latest contribution to the IAEA ReNuAL project

The Government of Japan decided to contribute additional funds of 1 million Euro to the IAEA for the Renovation of the Nuclear Applications Laboratories project (ReNuAL+) in Seibersdorf, Austria. This is Japan’s fourth contribution to the ReNuAL project through the Peaceful Uses Initiative (PUI). This decision was conveyed to Director General Amano during his meeting with Foreign Minister Kono in Tokyo on 3 October.
We also welcome the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation between the IAEA and Shimadzu in Kyoto, Japan on 2 October. Shimadzu, a Japanese company, agrees to donate equipment - mass spectrometer - to the IAEA Laboratories in Seibersdorf, which we hope will enhance IAEA’s capabilities to assist its Member States in the area of food safety. The donation, received under the PUI, is an important step forward in the implementation of the ReNuAL+.
Japan fully supports IAEA’s activities conducted under DG Amano’s “Atoms for Peace and Development”. We are pleased that this contribution, together with the latest financial pledges from several other Member States, made it possible for the Agency to meet the most critical funding goal for ReNuAL+, enabling it to proceed without delay with the construction of Flexible Modular Laboratory (FML), one of the two major elements of the ReNuAL project. Japan believes that smooth implementation of this project is critical for the IAEA to continue contributing to economic and social development of its Member States through the application of nuclear technology.
Link 1: Press Release (Foreign Ministry of Japan: Meeting between Foreign Minister Kono and Director General Amano)
Link 2: Press Release (IAEA)


Partnership with Shimadzu