Japan made an additional contribution of 5.84 million USD to UNIDO projects in Africa and the Middle and Near East

The Government of Japan has funded further humanitarian assistance projects in Africa and the Middle and Near East, to be carried out in cooperation with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). With approximately 5.84 million USD from Japan’s supplementary budget, a total of nine projects will be implemented in nine countries, namely, Ethiopia, Gabon, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia, Palestine, South Sudan, and the Syrian Arab Republic.
The kick-off ceremony of these projects was held at the Vienna International Center on 11 March 2019, in the presence of Ambassador Mitsuru Kitano of the Permanent Mission of Japan to the International Organizations in Vienna, and Mr. Li Yong, Director-General of UNIDO. From the recipient countries, H.E. Ambassador Assaf of the Permanent Mission of Lebanon, H.E. Ambassador Abdelshafi of the Permanent Mission of Palestine, and the distinguished representatives of Iran, Iraq and Syria were present.

The projects are addressed to societies which are facing serious difficulties of humanitarian nature. They will support these societies to overcome their difficulties and create resilient industrial foundations for the future. Some of the projects provide vocational training to the most vulnerable, especially women and youth among refugees, IDPs and their host communities. Other projects aim to support development of value-chains and provide access to clean and safe water.
During the ceremony, Ambassador Kitano expressed appreciation for the tangible outcomes which UNIDO has made in the field as a platform connecting recipient countries, donor countries and the private sector. He also emphasized that the new projects embody such important concepts as “the humanitarian - development nexus” and “human security.”
The Director-General highlighted the projects’ promotion of inclusive and sustainable industrial development (ISID) through the human security approach, and thanked Japan for placing its trust in UNIDO. He also affirmed UNIDO’s active participation in TICAD7 to be held in Yokohama in August.
Representatives of partner countries expressed their expectations towards the projects’ contribution to the reconstruction or fostering of the respective economies, and to the stabilization of those societies facing difficulties. They appreciated Japan’s support and hoped for the projects’ success.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Press Release: “Kick-Off Ceremony in Relation to the Provision of Emergency Humanitarian and Reconstruction Assistance in cooperation with UNIDO”
(URL: https://www.mofa.go.jp/press/release/press4e_002370.html
UNIDO Press release: “Japan provides over US$5.8 million to support UNIDO projects ”
(URL: https://www.unido.org/news/japan-provides-over-us58-million-support-unido-projects
[The UNIDO projects and funded amounts]
Ethiopia (1,000,000 USD)
“Improving Public Health by Solar-powered Water Sanitation Systems in Ethiopia”
Gabon (419,678 USD)
“Strengthening food security and quality to improve livelihoods in Gabon”
Iran (178,571 USD)
“Developing the fishery value chain in Chabahar to promote integration into the regional economy and create employment opportunities for youth”
Iraq (892,857 USD)
“Promotion of social stabilization and acceleration of economic recovery in Nineveh Governorate in Iraq”
Lebanon (973,214 USD)
“Market-based construction skills training for all”
Liberia (500,000 USD)
“Promotion of social stabilization through the creation of jobs and livelihoods for vulnerable people and communities in Nimba County”
Palestine (446,428 USD)
“Employability for women and youth in the State of Palestine through supporting the garment and textile value chain”
South Sudan (712,500 USD)
“Enhancing social stabilization and cohesion through supporting agro value chain development in South Sudan”
Syria (714,285 USD)
“Building human capacity for the future generations in Syria”