UNIDO TICAD8 Week: IDDAIII-TICAD and UNIDO-Japan cooperation in the post-COVID19 world for more resilient ISID in Africa (23-26 August, 2022)

IDDAIII-TICAD and UNIDO-Japan cooperation in the post-COVID19 world
for more resilient, inclusive and sustainable industrial development in Africa
(23-26 August, 2022)
The Eighth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD8), which will be held on 27 and 28 August, 2022, in Tunis, is approaching.
It is a great pleasure for us to draw your attention to a series of TICAD8 official side-events that UNIDO will hold online from 23 to 26 August.
In this “UNIDO TICAD8 Week”, UNIDO will hold 5 official side-events focusing on various important and timely topics for Africa’s development, which are: the impact of COVID-19 pandemic and Building Back Better in Africa, boosting investment and technology transfer, the fight against plastic litter issues, innovation and partnership for decarbonization, and enhancing Africa’s agricultural potential.

Date Time
(Vienna, CEST)
Event Title
Tue. 23 August 11:00-12:30 Launch of the Industrial Development Report 2022 in Africa
Wed. 24 August 10:00-11:30 How to Succeed in Attracting Investment and Technology from Japan - Best Practices from the UNIDO Advisor and Delegate programmes in Africa
Thu. 25 August 10:00-11:15 Session 1: Partnering for Africa's challenge on plastic pollution 
11:20-12:30 Session 2: Promoting climate innovation and partnership for a transition towards a deep decarbonization of society
Fri. 26 August 10:00-12:00 Building Resilient and Sustainable Agro-industries: Enhancing Africa's Agricultural Potential

We would like to invite you to visit the “UNIDO TICAD8 Week” event page by clicking the banner above, to get more information on side-events and register yourself!
UNIDO is a long-standing and important partner of the TICAD process since its foundation in 1993. It has been actively implementing a number of technical cooperation projects in Africa, to fulfil the TICAD commitments. Since the last TICAD7, over the past three years, UNIDO and Japan have cooperated with countries in Africa implementing projects worth more than 35 million dollars. UNIDO’s expertise and experience, as well as its function as a liaison platform between the private sector and partner countries, have reinforced the TICAD process.
UNIDO is mandated by the General Assembly to play a leading role in the implementation of IDDA III. We all share the view that Africa’s industrial development is the international community’s common goal.  Creating the best synergies between the TICAD process and IDDA3 will allow us to scale-up the impact of both processes, in which UNIDO will play a key role.
We look forward to seeing you online at the UNIDO TICAD8 Week!

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