Japan’s contribution of 16 million to UNODC for countering terrorism and supporting Afghanistan and neighboring countries


The Government of Japan has approved a supplementary budget of about 16 million USD for projects that prevent     and counter terrorism in West, North and East Africa, the Middle East as well as projects that support Afghanistan and neighboring countries. The projects are to be carried out in cooperation with UNODC. This is the highest contribution Japan made towards preventing and countering terrorism to UNODC in FY 2015.

Terrorist attacks continue to occur frequently throughout the world. It is clear that the fight against terrorism is an emergency task of the international community requiring increased international cooperation. Japan is of the view that the combined efforts of the international community as well as Japan’s contribution will enhance the capacity of investigations and prosecutions, border control, and strengthen counter terrorism legislation.
The signing ceremony and exchange of notes took place on 4 March 2016 at the Vienna International Center in the presence of Ambassador Mitsuru Kitano from the Permanent Mission of Japan and UNODC’s Executive Director, Yury Fedotov.
During the meeting, Ambassador Kitano stressed that terrorism continues to pose a major threat to international peace and security. The Doha Declaration underscores the importance of capacity building aimed at preventing and countering terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. This unprecedented contribution to UNODC’s efforts in fighting terrorism underlines Japan’s full commitment to a safer and more secure society as well as our initiative toward the 2020 Crime Congress in Japan. In response, Mr. Fedotov expressed his gratitude for Japan’s generous contribution.

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