Japan pledges its contribution of USD 550,000 to IAEA’s two new projects to combat Zika virus

On 8 March, the Government of Japan pledged its contribution of USD 550,000, through Japan’s contribution to IAEA Peaceful Uses Initiative (PUI), to support two projects which the IAEA has recently proposed to combat Zika virus outbreak. The decision was announced by Mr. Mitsuru Kitano, Ambassador of Permanent Mission of Japan to the International Organizations in Vienna, in his statement at the Board of Governors meeting.
The projects that Japan will support are listed as follows:
(Technical Cooperation Project for Latin America and the Caribbean Region)
"Strengthening Regional Capacity in Latin America and the Caribbean for Integrated Vector Management Approaches with a Sterile Insect Technique Component, to Control Aedes Mosquitos as Vectors of Human Pathogens, particularly Zika Virus”—USD275,000 (after the approval of the project by the Board of Governors)
(PUI Project under Nuclear Science and Application Department)
"Enhance Agency's capacity to provide support to Member States to control Aedes mosquitoes as vectors of human pathogens, particularly Zika virus, using integrated vector management approaches with a Sterile Insect Technique component"—USD275,000
Read more about this project here.
Japan strongly supports “Atoms for Peace and Development” promoted by the IAEA, and will continue to promptly respond to such important and urgent projects for combatting global challenges in close consultation and cooperation with the IAEA and affected countries.
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