[Agenda Item 3: Annual Report of the Director General for 2022]
Thank you, President,

Let me first congratulate you, your Excellency Ambassador Aftab KHOKHER of Pakistan, on your election as President of this Committee. I am convinced of the success of this PBC session under your able leadership and given your skills on the matter. Please be assured of our full support. I thank the outgoing President, his Excellency Ambassador Alessandro CORTESE of Italy and his Bureau members for their dedicated work. 

Dear President,

The year 2023 marks the midpoint for the 2030 Agenda. Japan values UNIDO’s continued promotion of the SDGs, and steady implementation of IDDA III.
Amid multiple overlapping crises that we face with, Japan expects that UNIDO will reaffirm its role as a unique, indispensable UN organization dedicated to fostering the industrialization of developing countries.

This week, Japan will host the G7 Summit in Hiroshima city, Japan. One of its main aims will be to strengthen wide-ranging positive actions among G7 Leaders to address urgent global issues such as energy and food security, climate change, global health, and economic development.
Japan expects UNIDO to play a meaningful role in this context, including in mitigating worldwide concerns over food security aggravated by Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, and in helping Ukraine to overcome the devastation caused by Russia.

Recently Japan approved seven new UNIDO projects worth 5.8 million USD to support agribusiness, food security, energy and job creation in Ukraine, Somalia, South Sudan, Iraq and Palestine. We are also implementing the Joint Crediting Mechanism aiming to facilitate Green House Gas emission reduction and removal, and finally, we are also promoting industrial vocational training programs in Africa through technology transfers from Japan.

Japan expects a constructive discussion in this PBC. The proposed of 16.85% in the regular budget is a clear departure from our basic position on the regular budget across all international organizations, which calls for zero nominal growth. Therefore, I call for further efforts to align the budget proposal with the financial constraints of Member States. My delegation is ready to actively engage in substantial and constructive discussions to reach a consensus among all Member States.

Regarding financial sustainability, it is essential for UNIDO to strengthen its strategic communication to enhance the visibility of all its activities. We expect UNIDO, under the leadership of DG Müller, to lead a strategic and coordinated effort to reengage with Member States who have left the organization. In this context, I welcome the implementation of the UK project with UNIDO of 65 million USD.

Let me conclude by reiterating our hope that UNIDO will continue to play a unique and meaningful role in the face of urgent global issues.
Thank you, President.