IAEA6月理事会(議題13 その他)ステートメント(海部篤大使)(英語)

Thank you, Chair,
          Under this agenda item, I would like to touch upon two points.
          The first is AUKUS.
          Japan welcomes the updates given by Australia yesterday on behalf of the AUKUS partners on the trilateral cooperation on nuclear naval propulsion. Once again Japan expresses its appreciation for their efforts to further ensure transparency on the status of the ongoing discussions, as well as for the three States’ firm commitment to maintaining the highest possible non-proliferation standards.
          The Director General and his team have been duly carrying out their work in accordance with the IAEA’s statutory mandate and the safeguards agreements and Additional Protocols of the parties concerned. We steadily support their dedicated efforts in this regard.
          In the previous statement under this agenda item, AOB, there were some references with regards to the discharge of ALPS treated water into the sea. As always, the term contaminated water is not appropriate, it is the ALPS treated water that Japan discharges.
          As I said in the previous agenda item, since August last year, Japan has been discharging 6 batches of the ALPS treated water. Japan welcomes the Agency’s impartial and active engagement through existing long-term review and multi-layered robust monitoring with corroborative participation of analytical laboratories worldwide, including neighbouring states, which has consistently found no anomalies.  
          Let me also touch upon an important aspect on what is appropriate and what is not when it comes to an independent long-term international monitoring system, or arrangement, or supervision whatsoever. We all know the Agency remains committed to continuing to review and monitor until the last drop of the water will be released safely. We all know the Agency continues to exercise its statutory mandate to establish, adopt, and provide for application of the international safety standards in the field of nuclear energy. The tireless and impartial efforts of the Secretariat are ample expression of the authority and independence of the IAEA. What matters here is to preserve the authority, the independence, and the legitimacy of the Agency.
          Finally, Japan will continue its discharge activities in a transparent manner based on scientific evidence, engaging with various stakeholders in our region of Asia Pacific and beyond.
          Thank you, Mr. Chair.