Statement by Ambassador Mitsuru Kitano at the IAEA Board of Governors Meeting starting on 5 March 2018: Agenda Item 3: Nuclear Technology Review 2018

Thank you, Mr. Chair.
Japan acknowledges with satisfaction that a number of tangible outcomes have been achieved through Director General Amano’s initiative “Atoms for Peace and Development” in the area of peaceful uses of nuclear technology.
The Nuclear Technology Review (NTR) 2018, issued on 16 January, has compiled technological developments and the latest data in both nuclear power and non-power applications. We welcome the NTR as a useful document that helps Member States enhance their understanding of nuclear science, technology and applications.
The IAEA possesses unique nuclear technologies for power and non-power applications. We believe that there is a room for further strengthening the role of the Agency, including achieving SDGs. In this regard, we expect the Secretariat to accelerate its resource mobilization and awareness-raising efforts in cooperation with the Member States.
          We also welcome the reference to the cooperation between Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine and IAEA in the NTR. Many universities in Japan are interested in the cooperation with the IAEA, and we look forward to the further strengthening of the cooperation hereafter.
【Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Science and Technology】
Mr. Chair,
The  “Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Science and Technology” will be held in Vienna in November 2018.
This conference is in line with the IAEA’s motto “Atoms for Peace and Development”, and could also play a vital role to achieve SDGs. We expect that the participation of Ministers contributes to delivering message in this regard.
The main themes of this Conference are expected to be the application of nuclear technologies for peaceful use and its delivery mainly through the technical cooperation program.
It’s my great honor and pleasure to co–chair the preparatory work, of this important Conference, together with the Ambassador of Costa Rica, H.E. Ambassador Pilar Saborio de Rocafort.
Working closely with all delegations and the Secretariat, we will exert our utmost efforts to ensure the success of this Conference.
【ReNuAl Project】
Mr. Chair,
ReNuAL project brings great amount of merits to all the Member State, renovating the Seibersdorf Laboratory in order to meet Member States’ emerging needs to utilize nuclear application technologies. At the same time, the project is also intended to promote the implementation of further effective and efficient support measures for Member States.
We believe that it is vitally important to complete this symbolic project on schedule, so as to strengthen the critical role of IAEA in the field of nuclear application for the development.
To support this project, Japan has made a financial contribution to this ReNuAL project through PUI. Furthermore, I would like to note that a Japanese company, Shimadzu cooperation, has made in kind contribution of analysis equipment to Seiversdorf Laboratory.
Japan will contribute strengthening the cooperation with private companies, with the cooperation of Member States and the Secretariat of IAEA.
Japan will closely monitor the implementation of the project and requests the Secretariat to continue to report its progress to the Member States as appropriate.
For further development of the project, Japan emphasizes the importance of receiving additional support from a greater number of Member States. Also the Secretariat needs to make further efforts in strengthening partnerships with various stakeholders including private entities.
With these comments, Japan takes note of the Agency’s Nuclear
Technology Review 2018 contained in GOV/2018/2.
Thank you, Mr. Chair.