[Agenda Item 3: Annual Report of the Director General for 2022]

Thank you, Maddam Vice-resident,
I would like to begin by congratulating his Ambassador Magdi Ahmed Mofadal ELNOUR of Sudan, on his election as well as your Maddam Vice-president. I am convinced of the success of this IDB session under his able leadership, and assure his of our fullest support. I thank the outgoing President, his Excellency Ambassador Alejandro SOLANO ORTIZ of Costa Rica and his Bureau members for their dedicated work.
I also thank DG Muller and his team for organizing and preparing this important session of IDB. 
Dear Maddam Vice-resident,
Japan takes note of the Annual Report of UNIDO 2022. Japan expects UNIDO to play a meaningful role in this context, including in mitigating worldwide concerns over food security aggravated by Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, and in helping Ukraine to overcome the devastation caused by its aggression.
Amidst multiple overlapping crises, such as food security and climate change, Japan notes with appreciation that UNIDO maintains its high level of technical cooperation delivery and continues to play a meaningful role in achieving the Agenda 2030, especially SDG 9.
Furthermore, this year Japan hosted the G7 Summit. As outlined in the G7 Hiroshima Leaders’ Communiqué, we are taking concrete steps to drive the transition to clean energy economies, to build more resilient, sustainable and inclusive agriculture and food systems and as well as to support Ukraine. We hope that our long-standing cooperation with partners on global environmental issues such as these will be further strengthened.
One example of this cooperation is the project in Ukraine that Japan has launched which will provide amputees with 3D-printed prosthetics and promote job creation for this group. In addition, Japan continues to support industrial development in Africa. It does this through the implementation and funding of projects seeking to promote industrial vocational training programs using Japanese technologies, as well as by encouraging the transition to a decarbonized society.  
As Climate Change is a core theme of UNIDO activities, we welcome that a consensus text has been reached for the Climate Change Strategy. Japan is prepared to engage in a constructive discussion on its Action Plan as well.
While facing financial constraints, Japan has joined the consensus at the last PBC to recommend the Zero Real Growth budget proposal for the next biennium in support of UNIDO. In light of this context, Japan requests the Secretariat to engage in further efforts to increase efficiency and effectiveness, by optimizing the use of its resources, including staff costs, as well as to create further room for savings through scrap-and-build. 
We also attach importance to the timely payment of Member States’ assessed contributions to the regular budget as well as to the Secretariat’s support to the evaluation and internal oversight functions. We are seriously concerned by the almost 10% gap in assessed contributions which is missing due to late payments. Regarding the flexibility of the budget, we commend the Secretariat’s explanation on their proposal to ensure transparency and accountability in the process. We are ready to engage in the discussion around introducing the flexibility of the budget for the Secretariat to be able to respond to any unexpected situations.
Regarding financial sustainability, it is essential for UNIDO to strengthen its strategic communication to enhance the visibility of all its activities. We expect UNIDO, under the leadership of DG Müller, to lead a strategic and coordinated effort to reengage with Member States who have left the organization.
Let me conclude by reiterating our hope that UNIDO will continue to play a unique and meaningful role in the face of urgent global issues.
Thank you, Maddam Vice-resident.