Thank you, Madam Chair,

Japan appreciates the efforts by the Secretariat in providing Member States with the Technical Cooperation Report in a timely manner, despite the difficult working conditions surrounding the COVID19 pandemic.


We would like to commend the tangible outcomes that have been achieved by the IAEA, as outlined in the TC report. With DG Grossi’s initiative, the Agency has been continuing to promote the peaceful uses of nuclear technology with an aim toward achieving the SDGs and furthering the progress of developing countries.


Madam Chair,

We acknowledge with satisfaction that the Rate of Attainment for the Technical Cooperation Fund (TCF) has risen to 94% in 2019, 2.3% higher than the previous year. The proper asset management of the Technical Cooperation Fund is a shared responsibility among the Agency and Member States, and we look forward to the proper use of the Due Account Mechanism and the detailed report of its implementation by the Agency.


Additionally, it is vital that the Agency continues to build new partnerships with non-traditional partners in order to expand TC activities in human, technical and financial resources. In light of these partnerships, it is of great significance that the Japanese company, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, has committed to donating about €4.35 million in support of the Agency’s global initiative in helping countries combat the COVID-19 pandemic in addition to the Japanese government’s own contribution of €4 Million.


Madam Chair,

Japan continues to place great importance on the Peaceful Uses Initiative as a supplementary financial mechanism to the TCF. As highlighted in the TC Reports, Japan supported two projects entitled, “Strengthening Radiation Safety Infrastructure”, and “Adding the Groundwater Dimension to the Understanding and Management of Shared Water Recourses in the Sahel Region”. We look forward to the implementation of these projects and the detailed report of the accomplishments.

Finally, the regional framework of RCA in the Asia Pacific Area has been filling a large role and contributing to the TC activities. It is of necessity that a comprehensive overview of the RCA accomplishments is included in the TC report. In the same context, Japan considers it to be essential to have a balanced report of individual projects across their regions and fields.


Thank you, Madam Chair.