IAEA11月理事会(議題7: その他)ステートメント(引原毅大使)(英語ページへのリンク)

Thank you, Mr. Chair,

DG Grossi touched upon the International Conference on A Decade of Progress after Fukushima-Daiichi in his introductory statement to the Board. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the Director General and the IAEA team for organizing the important event. My gratitude also goes to nuclear safety experts, member state representatives and other participants for their active contribution.

We highly appreciate that the conference achieved its objectives. The participants shared achievements globally gained and lessons learned in the past ten years following the accident. They discussed ways forward for further enhancing nuclear safety. Japanese experts and government representatives joined the discussion to share their experience and to provide detailed explanation on the recent situation, including at the DG Special Session on the safety aspects of the handling of ALPS treated water.

We believe the conference provided valuable insight for experts and policy makers of all countries that use, or plan to use, nuclear energy. Such insight will help support our never-ending efforts to strengthen nuclear safety.

Taking duly into account the outcome of the conference, we will continue to enhance our own domestic nuclear safety, and contribute to strengthening nuclear safety worldwide in cooperation with the IAEA.

Thank you, Mr. Chair.