Thank you, Madam Chair,

  Japan commends the IAEA for continuing to promote the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, despite the difficulties under the COVID-19 pandemic situation, and thereby contributing to the global socio-economic development and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  Japan has been fully paying its share of the Technical Cooperation Fund (TCF). To ensure the smooth operation of TC projects, we encourage all Member States to pay their TCF target shares and National Participation Costs (NPCs) in full. It is important to ensure the limited TC budget is properly allocated to Member States that need it, and we hope the Secretariat will implement the Due Account Mechanism properly and effectively.

Madame Chair,

Japan welcomes the Secretariat’s diversification efforts in resource mobilization. It is meaningful that the Agency continues to build collaborative relations with non-traditional partners including the private sector, as exemplified by the support of Japan’s Takeda Pharmaceutical Company to the Agency’s initiative to combat COVID-19.

The Peaceful Uses Initiative (PUI), which marks the ten-year anniversary this year, is a valuable mechanism to implement prompt and flexible support to countries in accordance with the emergency and the needs of the recipient country. As a recent example, Japan contributed three million euros to the project INT0098, which provides PCR testing equipment for COVID-19.
Japan has been steadily supporting the PUI with our total contributions of more than 38 million euros, supporting 86 IAEA projects, including a large number of TC projects, in various fields such as food and agriculture and cancer diagnosis and treatment. Japan looks forward to broad support by more Member States as well as the private sector, so that the PUI will continue to play an essential role.

With these comments, Japan supports the recommended actions to be presented to the Board of Governors as set out in document GOV/2020/44.

Thank you, Madam Chair.