IAEA3月理事会(議題5 原子力技術レビュー)ステートメント(引原毅大使)(英語ページへのリンク)


Thank you, Madame Chair,

Japan fully aligns itself with the joint statement delivered by France.

We appreciate the Agency’s report entitled “Nuclear Technology Review 2021”, which summarizes the remarkable progress in the field of both nuclear power generation and non-power generation while providing Member States with useful information in a reader-friendly manner.

We hope that the IAEA will continue to play a central role in promoting the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, and thereby contribute actively to achieving the SDGs.

As a country operating nuclear power plants, Japan supports Director General Grossi’s public outreach activities regarding the role of nuclear energy in combating climate change.

Promoting the peaceful uses of nuclear energy is important also in the context of the NPT Review Conference, as one of the three pillars of the NPT. We hope that the IAEA's efforts will be appropriately highlighted at the next Review Conference.


Madame Chair,

Japan highly value the new ZODIAC initiative as a meaningful endeavor in enhancing the global capability to tackle zoonotic diseases, based on the lessons learned from experiences in this field. We have therefore decided to contribute additional 7 million euros for technical cooperation part in ZODIAC through the Peaceful Uses Initiative (PUI).

Japan believes that this project will be highly beneficial for Member States, taking advantage of the Agency’s expertise, as well as its network of related institutions and international organizations. In this context, we welcome the IAEA’s strengthened partnership with FAO.

We hope that the Agency will secure a high degree of transparency and keep us informed of concrete fruits of ZODIAC by providing specific information on the implementation and results of the project.

(Marine plastic litter)

Marine plastic litter, such as micro plastics, causes serious deterioration of the marine environment including its ecosystems.

We look forward to a concrete proposal from the Secretariat on how the IAEA would address this challenge by mobilizing nuclear technologies and its networks with related organizations of Member States.


The Seibersdorf Laboratories have been successfully fulfilling its mission of advancing R&D and technical cooperation in nuclear

technology. Japan up to now contributed around 6.6 million euros for the ReNuAL and ReNuAL+ projects.

This year, the ReNuAL2 project will be initiated by Director General Grossi’s initiative. I would like to announce that Japan has decided to contribute additional 1 million euro for this new project through the PUI, as we attaches great importance to the peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

In order to ensure the success of the ReNuAL2, we hope a wide range of Member States will make further contributions. We also

encourage the Agency to continue to make efforts to build partnership with various new stakeholders including the private sector.


With these comments, Japan takes note of the Agency’s Nuclear Technology Review 2021, GOV/2021/2.

Thank you, Madame Chair.