Thank you, Madam Chair,

Japan expresses its deepest gratitude for the close cooperation extended by the IAEA in the decommissioning of Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings’ (TEPCO) Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (FDNPS). Based on more than six years of comprehensive study by experts, engagement with parties concerned and with due consideration to the recommendations of the IAEA review reports, the Government of Japan announced the “Basic Policy on handling of ALPS treated water at the TEPCO’s FDNPS” in April.

Madam Chair,

For ensuring safety of the public and surrounding environment, ALPS treated water will be discharged into the sea only when the independent Nuclear Regulatory Authority approves that the plan submitted by TEPCO complies with the regulatory standards based on recommendations by the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP). The IAEA acknowledges the discharge into the sea as technically feasible and in line with international practice.

Furthermore, considering relevant international law and international practice, measures will be taken, prior to the discharge, to assess the potential impact on the marine environment, and to verify the environmental situation through continuous monitoring after discharge. The outcome of these assessments will be reviewed by the IAEA and will be made available to the international community.

Madam Chair,

Japan has been in full consultation and cooperation with the IAEA Secretariat on the safety aspects of FDNPS, including that of ALPS treated water. As DG Grossi mentioned in his introductory statement, the Government of Japan requested the assistance of the IAEA in this regard. Accordingly, Japan will continue to closely cooperate with the IAEA before, during and after the discharge into the sea. Japan also notes with high appreciation that the IAEA will be supported by a group of internationally recognized experts from member states under the authority of the IAEA as also mentioned by the DG Grossi.

Finally, Japan would like to reiterate that, with regard to the handling of ALPS treated water, it will continue to communicate and engage with all stakeholders, and explain all its efforts including the outcomes of these cooperative activities with the IAEA, to the international community in a transparent manner.

Thank you, Madam Chair.