IAEA11月理事会(議題2: 技術協力)ステートメント(引原毅大使)(英語ページへのリンク)

Thank you, Mr. Chair,

Japan appreciates the Agency’s contribution to the global socio-economic development and the achievement of the SDGs.
As we mentioned during the TACC meeting, Japan has been a strong supporter of the Agency’s efforts, in this context, including the ZODIAC project and the NUTEC Plastic initiative.

Mr. Chair,

Cancers are one of the main causes of death worldwide.
Japan has been working with the Agency to tackle cancer. In the RCA framework, Japan and the IAEA have been training radiation oncology professionals in collaboration with related organizations.
In addition, Japan is working on the production of radioisotopes for cancer treatment. In September, Japan Atomic Energy Commission organized a related side event on the margins of the IAEA General Conference. The event was successful with a good attendance, thanks to the Agency’s valuable contribution. This month, an advisory committee was established within Japan Atomic Energy Commission to accelerate the discussion in this field. Interests in possible cooperation with international organizations, including the IAEA, have been expressed in the advisory committee.

Mr. Chair,

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges to mankind. Japan will be working in full force to take on climate change, as Prime Minister KISHIDA stated in Glasgow.
We are pleased that the IAEA highlighted how nuclear technology contributes to tackling climate change at COP 26. As DG Grossi explained in this context, “Nuclear energy is a part of the solution, the nuclear techniques offer a tangible way to respond to the challenge, such as breeding sturdier crops, protecting scarce water resources and much more.”

We hope the IAEA will continue to help Member States address their growing needs through a wide range of activities in nuclear science, technology and applications. In this context, Japan is determined to further strengthen our already fruitful cooperation with the IAEA.

Thank you, Mr. Chair.