IAEA11月理事会(議題3: イランにおける検証・監視)ステートメント(引原毅大使)(英語ページへのリンク)

Thank you, Mr Chair,

Japan appreciates the Director General’s reports on this Agenda Item, as well as the technical briefing by the Secretariat.

Japan firmly supports the JCPOA, which strengthens the international non-proliferation regime and contributes to the peace and stability of the Middle East. Japan will contribute proactively to this end. Japan supports the constructive dialogue on the JCPOA among relevant countries in the previous rounds, and hopes to see progress towards the immediate return to compliance to the JCPOA by all relevant parties during the next round of talks scheduled to start next Monday.

Mr Chair,

Japan reiterates its strong concern over Iran’s continued actions inconsistent with its commitments including increased stockpile of UF6 enriched up to 60% and 20%, expanded enrichment R&D with UF6 up to 20%, production of uranium metal including that with enriched uranium up to 20%, as well as the development and deployment of advanced centrifuges.

Japan expresses once again its serious concern over the fact that, since 23 February, the Agency’s verification and monitoring activities have been seriously undermined as a result of Iran’s decision to stop implementing the transparency measures. The repeated prolongation of the temporary agreement in February is also becoming a significant challenge to the Agency’s ability to restore the continuity of knowledge. In addition, the lack of access to the Karaj workshop is seriously affecting the Agency’s ability to restore continuity of knowledge at the workshop, therefore Japan urges Iran to provide access to the Karaj workshop immediately as in the agreement between Iran and the Agency in September.

Regarding the DG’s recent visit to Tehran, we are deeply concerned to hear that the extensive discussions in Tehran were inconclusive, but we have also heard the DG saying he would continue. Japan reiterates its strong support to his tireless efforts to address issues of urgency as he referred today.

The exclusively peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear programme must be ensured through the full implementation of the JCPOA and the whole set of transparency measures is at its heart. Iran should avoid causing any doubt about the peaceful nature of its nuclear activities.

Mr Chair,

Against the backdrop of the resumption of the Vienna talks, Japan once again strongly urges Iran to refrain from taking further measures that undermine the JCPOA and to immediately return to its full commitment, including the provisional application of the Additional Protocol and other transparency measures. Japan urges Iran to fully cooperate with the Agency.

Mr Chair,

Japan commends and fully supports the professional and impartial efforts of the Director General and the Secretariat, including use of all available information and provision of reports with appropriate and sufficient details.

Japan requests the Director General to keep the Board of Governors informed with the development, so that the Board will continue to address this important issue.

Thank you, Mr Chair.