IAEA11月理事会(議題4(d) イランの保障措置協定)ステートメント(引原毅大使)(英語ページへのリンク)

Thank you, Mr Chair,

Japan appreciates the Director General’s report on this agenda item, as well as the technical briefing by the Secretariat.

The Agency’s safeguards are a fundamental component of nuclear non-proliferation regime under the NPT. Japan highly commends the professional and impartial work of the Director-General and the Secretariat in the safeguards implementation. We strongly support the Agency to continue to fully carry out its mandate.

Mr Chair,

Japan remains deeply concerned that nuclear material has been present at undeclared locations in Iran and that current locations of this nuclear material are not known to the Agency. Japan is increasingly concerned that even after more than two years the safeguards issues on four locations remain unresolved. The current situation is regrettable. The lack of substantive engagement by Iran seriously affects the ability of the Agency to provide assurance of the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear programme.

Regarding the DG’s recent visit to Tehran, we are deeply concerned that despite his efforts, there was no progress after the extensive discussions in Tehran. Japan reiterates its strong support to the DG’s tireless efforts to address issues of urgency as he referred.

Japan calls on Iran to provide the necessary substantive explanation in full and without further delay on these undeclared locations, and urges Iran to cooperate with the Agency fully and immediately.

Mr Chair,

It is not acceptable that Agency inspectors are under excessively invasive physical searches at nuclear facilities in Iran. Needless to say, the privileges and immunities of the Agency are the foundation for the inspectors to effectively discharge their functions as provided for under the Safeguards Agreement. Japan appreciates DG Grossi for duly reporting this serious issue to the Board. Japan calls on Iran to take immediate steps to remedy the situation and to implement security procedures in consistent with internationally accepted security practices and the privileges and immunities of the Agency including its inspectors.

The legal obligations under the Subsidiary Arrangements to its Safeguards Agreement cannot be modified unilaterally. Japan calls on Iran to fulfill all of its legal obligations under the Subsidiary Arrangements and fully implement modified Code 3.1.

Japan requests the Director General to keep the Board of Governors informed on the issue of this agenda item.

Thank you, Mr Chair.