IAEA技術支援協力委員会(議題2 2022-2023年プログラム)ステートメント(桑原敦公使)(英語ページへのリンク)

Thank you, Mr. Chair,

Japan welcomes the IAEA’s continued efforts in promoting the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, which have been contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), even in these difficult times due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Japan has been a strong supporter of the IAEA’s technical cooperation, and has been paying its share of the Technical Cooperation Fund (TCF). To ensure the smooth operation of TC projects, we encourage all Member States to pay their TCF target shares and National Participation Costs (NPCs) in full.

Mr. Chair,

The Peaceful Uses Initiative (PUI) is a valuable mechanism that provides prompt and flexible support to recipient countries in line with their socio-economic and emergency needs.

This year, Japan contributed seven million euros to the ZODIAC project through the PUI. We welcome the fact that the IAEA has already addressed the needs of 25 ZODIAC National Laboratories (ZNLs) utilizing our contribution.

In addition, during the June board meeting, Japan announced that it is ready to provide one million euros for the NUTEC Plastics initiative through the PUI, based on concrete project plans to be provided in the future. Japan and the Agency have already made an arrangement for the allocation of 450,000 euros, part of which will be used for the TC programme entitled, “Reutilizing and Recycling Polymeric Waste through Radiation Modification for the Production of Industrial Goods”.

We hope that the Agency will use these PUI funds effectively and efficiently while securing a high degree of transparency by providing regular updates throughout the project implementation. We also hope that the Agency will proactively call for broad assistance from a wider range of donors.

With these comments, Japan supports the recommended actions to be presented to the Board of Governors as set out in document GOV/2021/45.

Thank you, Mr. Chair.