IAEA6月理事会(議題 9: ウクライナ情勢を受けた安全、セキュリティ及び保障措置上の影響)(引原毅大使)(英語)

Thank you, Chair,
Japan is gravely concerned about the nuclear safety, security and safeguards situation at Ukraine’s nuclear facilities.
It is deeply regrettable that, despite the strong call by the Board of Governors expressed in resolution (GOV/2022/17) adopted on 3 March, the situation in Ukraine has not improved. The seven indispensable pillars for maintaining nuclear safety and security are yet to be restored.
Japan believes that the restoration of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, as well as normal implementation of the mandate of the Agency within Ukraine, should be the way forward to ensure nuclear safety and security.
Japan once again condemns in the strongest terms the reckless and unacceptable action, and the continuing aggression by the Russian Federation. Japan strongly urges the Russian Federation to immediately cease all attacks, especially in the direct vicinity of Ukraine’s nuclear facilities, as well as all activities preventing the competent Ukrainian Authorities from fully controlling over all nuclear facilities and material within its internationally recognized borders, and to restore safe and secure operations by Ukraine.
Japan firmly supports the efforts of the Director General and the staff in the Secretariat, to provide assistance for the safe and secure operation of Ukraine’s nuclear facilities, as well as proper safeguards activities. To support the Agency's activities, Japan announced a pledge of 2 million euros during Director General Grossi's visit to Japan in May.
We are especially concerned about the situation of the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant, Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant, which is currently under unjustified control of the Russian Forces. We hope the initiative by the Director General Grossi to organize an Agency mission to the Zaporizhzhya NPP will be realized as early as possible in a manner fully respecting Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.
Japan requests that the Director General and the Secretariat continue to closely monitor the situation and report to the Board.
I thank you, Chair.