IAEA9月理事会(議題8(d) AUKUSの下での海軍原子力推進の文脈におけるIAEAの保障措置)ステートメント(引原毅大使)

Thank you, Chair,

Japan thanks the Director General and the Secretariat for preparing the report on IAEA safeguards in relation to AUKUS, which illustrates the technical consultations and engagement between the Agency and the three States. Japan supports the firm commitment of the three States to maintaining the highest possible non-proliferation standards, as well as the IAEA’s work in accordance with the statutory mandate of the IAEA and the CSA.

It is crucially important to maintain and strengthen the nuclear non-proliferation regime. Japan recalls that the leaders of the three States have declared their full commitment to establishing a robust approach to sharing naval propulsion technology with Australia that strengthens the global non-proliferation regime, and Japan welcomes the AUKUS partners’ close work with the IAEA to ensure that the precedent they set strengthens the global non-proliferation regime. Japan also welcomes that Australia has informed the Agency that it considers all relevant provisions of its CSA and AP, as well as additional safeguards measures, which may include enhanced transparency and access, to be applicable.

The report states that the Agency’s capability to develop suitable verification measures and approach in the context of naval nuclear propulsion under AUKUS is enhanced by Australia having in force and implementing the AP. Indeed, the Agency can draw a broader conclusion only for those States with a CSA and an AP. Japan therefore encourages Member States to conclude both a CSA and an AP.

Japan welcomes that the Agency, on the basis of technical consultations and exchanges it has conducted with the AUKUS parties to date, is satisfied with the level of their engagement. Japan believes the AUKUS parties’ engagement with the Agency will continue. We look forward to further updates on this issue, as appropriate, from the Director General or the three countries.

Before concluding, let me add also that we would welcome that this report is made public.

Thank you, Chair.