Thank you, Chair,

Japan welcomes the unanimous decision of the Board to reappoint Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi for his second term. This decision demonstrates the high appreciation of the Board members for the achievements of the Agency led by DG Grossi over the past years. It represents the Board members’ readiness to continue to work closely with him and the Secretariat for the next four years.

Let me thank you, Chair, for conducting close consultations with the Board members and leading us to this unanimous decision.

Dear Director General,

Your determination, leadership and skill are crucial in dealing with the ongoing and future challenges for the Agency. This morning, we have heard you saying: proactive, impartial, objective, inclusive, compassionate and attune to the reality. You represent these important values not only by words, but by your deeds. Japan fully counts on your continued leadership and looking forward to working closely with you and your team.

Thank you.