IAEA11月理事会(議題5(a) 保障措置協定及び追加議定書の新規締結)ステートメント(今西靖治公使)(英語)

Thank you Chair,
Japan highly commends the Government of the Republic of Nauru and the Secretariat for their efforts to prepare the text of the additional protocol. Japan invites the Government of Nauru to bring their AP into force at an early date.
It is essential to universalize comprehensive safeguards agreements and additional protocols as the international verification standard in further strengthening the global non-proliferation regime under the NPT. 
Japan has been making consistent efforts to advance global understanding of additional protocols in cooperation with like-minded countries, including through the framework of the AP Friends. Japan has been supporting the capacity building for regulatory officers from various countries, by utilizing our own experience and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Fund.
Japan remains committed to playing an active role in this area in cooperation with the Secretariat and other countries.
With these comments, Japan supports the recommended action in document GOV/2023/61.
Thank you Chair.