IAEA3月理事会(議題9 IAEAにおける加盟国の主権平等の回復)ステートメント(今西靖治公使)(英語)

Thank you, Chair,
Japan fully recognises the legitimate concerns expressed by Kazakhstan and other states which are not listed in any regional areas stipulated in Article 6 of the IAEA Statute. Japan strongly believes that all Member States should have an equal opportunity to take part in decision-making processes of the Agency in accordance with the Statute.
In this regard, Japan encourages all IAEA Member States that have not yet done so, to ratify the 1999 Amendment to Article 6 of the Statute for its early entry into force.
Japan appreciates the initiative taken by Kazakhstan to lead the discussion on this matter, and remains committed to participating actively and constructively in this discussion to find an appropriate solution, and encourages other Member States to do so. Japan also appreciates the Slovenia’s strong leadership and constructive discussion at the informal Group of Friends of Arealess States.
Thank you, Chair.