Thank you, Chair,
I have three points to raise under this agenda item.
Firstly, regarding the Friends of Women in Nuclear. Japan appreciates the important initiative driven by Chile of the joint statement on this subject. Japan is very pleased to be a part of this joint statement. 
Secondly, with regard to AUKUS. Japan welcomes the updates given by the AUKUS partners. Japan appreciates their efforts to further ensure transparency on the status of the ongoing discussions regarding AUKUS.
It is crucially important to maintain and strengthen the nuclear non-proliferation regime. In this context, Japan appreciates the firm commitment of the AUKUS partners to maintain the highest possible non-proliferation standards.
The Director General and his team have been duly carrying out their work based upon objective facts, in accordance with the IAEA’s statutory mandate and the safeguards agreements and Additional Protocols of the parties concerned. We steadily support their dedicated efforts in this regard.
Thirdly, in the previous statement under this agenda item, AOB there were some references with regard to the discharge of ALPS treated water into the sea.
The Government of Japan has been sincerely explaining Japan's efforts to ensure its safety, as I have already elaborated fully upon under the related agenda item of this session of the Board on Monday, in a very sincere and transparent manner. I will therefore not repeat all of the points in my remarks today, here.
Japan will continue to make every effort, in a transparent manner, based on scientific evidence, in full respect of the independency, impartiality of the Agency, and its Secretariat, and the very existing authority of the Agency under its Statute.
Thank you, Chair.