IAEA特別理事会(議題1 文書 GOV/2024/19 および文書 GOV/2024/20 で言及された事項)(ウクライナ)ステートメント(海部篤大使)(英語)

Thank you, Chair,
Japan thanks Director General Grossi and the Secretariat for providing updates on this agenda item, as well as thanks Chair and his team arranging today’s meeting.
Japan remains deeply concerned about the nuclear safety and security situation in Ukraine, in particular at the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP).  We see, in Director General’s recently updated statements, that drone attacks on Ukraine’s ZNPP added to deepening concern about the already highly precarious nuclear safety and security situation at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant. These actions also represented a clear violation of the five concrete principles as the Director General stated. We cannot accept any actions which increase the risk of a major nuclear accident. Japan would like to echo the Director General’s call that “Whoever is behind them, attacking a nuclear power plant is extremely irresponsible and dangerous, and it must stop”.
Japan supports the continued physical presence of the IAEA Support and Assistance Mission to Zaporizhzhya (ISAMZ) which monitors and reports on observance of the five concrete principles while continuing to monitor and assess the situation against the Seven Pillars. Unlimited and prompt information as well as timely and prompt access should be provided to ISAMZ in order not to adversely affect the Agency’s assessment.
Japan expresses its grave concern that the Russian Federation has not heeded the call of the Board of Governor’s past four resolutions as well as the GC resolution last September.
Japan echoes voices of precedented representatives who called that Russia must immediately and unconditionally withdraw from the entire internationally recognized territory of Ukraine including the ZNPP. The plant should be immediately returned to the full control of the Ukrainian authorities.
I would like to reiterate our deep appreciation to Director General Grossi, the Agency staff in Ukraine, and all other staff for their dedicated efforts pertaining to nuclear safety, security and safeguards during this very difficult situation. Japan firmly supports the IAEA’s continued presence in Ukraine and its efforts to help decrease the risk of a nuclear accident. The IAEA’s presence on the ground is essential in acquiring impartial, objective, and first-hand observations.
We ask the Director General to continue providing regular updates on the situation in Ukraine.

I thank you, Chair.