IAEA6月理事会(議題3 IAEA技術協力活動の強化-2023年技術協力報告)ステートメント(今西靖治公使)(英語)

Thank you, Chair,
Japan thanks the Secretariat for its tireless efforts to prepare the draft “Technical Cooperation Report for 2023”, and for organizing the informal briefing for Member States.  
Japan strongly supports the continuing efforts of the Secretariat to implement the Technical Cooperation Programme. In particular, the Agency’s initiatives such as ZODIAC, NUTEC Plastics, Rays of Hope have been making a significant impact in transforming people’s perception of nuclear science and technology, as they can directly feel its great benefit through these projects.
This year, Japan has made a contribution of 6.6 million Euros to Atoms4Food, the latest initiative of DG Grossi which aims to respond to the urgent needs of many Member States related to agrifood systems transformation. Japan believes that it is beneficial for boosting food security and tackling growing hunger to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals through the use of nuclear technology.
Moreover, Japan has funded an additional 2.6 million Euros to the TC projects, including those under NUTEC Plastics, to enhance capacity building of ocean environmental protections globally and regionally.
These contributions are made under the Peaceful Uses Initiative (PUI), which is a valuable mechanism to provide prompt and flexible support to recipient countries to support their sustainable socio-economic development.
Japan continues to place great importance on human resource development in the field of nuclear science and technology. We are pleased that Japanese experts continue to play a central role in the evolving project entitled “Supporting Nuclear Science and Technology Education at the Secondary and Tertiary Level”.
We also welcome that the IAEA signed a practical arrangement with the Japanese Society for Non-destructive Inspection for cooperation in non-destructive inspection, paving the way to provide technical support to Member States in the event of emergencies, and also to conduct training and capacity building activities.
Finally, we note with satisfaction that the Rate of Attainment for the TC Fund (TCF) and the Rate of Implementation in 2023 were kept high. We highly commend the efforts of the Member States and the Secretariat in this regard.
With these comments, Japan takes note of the Agency’s Technical Cooperation Report for 2023 contained in GOV/2024/24.
Thank you, Chair.