IAEA6月理事会(議題6(b) 2023年保障措置実施報告(SIR))ステートメント(今西靖治公使)(英語)

Thank you, Chair,
Japan thanks the Director General for the Safeguards Implementation Report (SIR) for 2023. We commend the Secretariat and its inspectors for implementing safeguards in a professional manner.
A strengthened IAEA safeguards system is essential to the non-proliferation regime and to international security. In this regard, Japan strongly supports the Agency’s efforts towards the universalization of the CSA (comprehensive safeguards agreement) and the AP (additional protocol), as well as the amendment or rescission of SQPs (small quantity protocols). We welcome that a CSA with SQP based on the revised standard text entered into force for Sao Tome and Principe, and that the APs entered into force for the Plurinational State of Bolivia and Sao Tome and Principe, as well as Nauru amending its operative SQP. Japan once again calls upon all states that have not yet done so to conclude a CSA and an AP, and where relevant, a modified SQP as soon as possible. Japan will continuously strive to enhance its assistance to those states who need it in this regard.
Japan is also pleased that the Secretariat was able to draw the broader conclusion for 74 States, including Lesotho for the first time.
Japan appreciates the Agency’s efforts to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the safeguards system. We welcome the ongoing efforts by the Agency to develop state-level approaches (SLAs) and its project on refining the internal methodology for acquisition path analysis and development of SLAs for states with broader conclusions.
Japan also welcomes that the Agency concluded the pilot phase of COMPASS (Comprehensive Capacity-Building Initiative for SSACs and SRAs) in seven participating states and that COMPASS will continue as part of the safeguards assistance for states.
Japan, for its part, will continue to contribute to strengthening IAEA safeguards, including through the Japan Support Programme for Agency Safeguards (JASPAS).
Japan appreciates the Secretariat’s efforts in conducting sufficient in-field verification activities necessary to draw the safeguards conclusion for Ukraine despite the challenges posed by the armed conflict. While noting with concern that the Agency remained unable to draw the broader conclusion, Japan takes note that “the Agency did not find indications that would give rise to a proliferation concern” in Ukraine.
With these comments, Japan takes note of the report contained in GOV/2024/28 and supports the authorization of the release of the Safeguards Statement and the Background to the Safeguards Statement and Summary.
Thank you, Chair.