Thank you, Chair,
Japan fully aligns itself with the Joint Statement of the DPRK Core Group delivered by Canada, and my delegation would like to make the following statement in its national capacity.

Japan is seriously concerned about the advancement of North Korea’s nuclear and missile activities including its ballistic missile launches. Last week, following the launch using ballistic missile technology on May 27th, North Korea launched multiple ballistic missiles on May 30th as well. This is a clear violation of UN Security Council resolutions, and we strongly urge North Korea not to conduct any further launches. Unfortunately, there is a possibility of further provocations in the future, including satellite launches and a further nuclear test. Concerted efforts by the international community against this grave and imminent threat are therefore of critical importance.

Japan strongly urges North Korea to fully comply with all of its obligations under the relevant UN Security Council resolutions, and to take concrete steps towards achieving complete, verifiable and irreversible dismantlement of all of its nuclear weapons, any other weapons of mass destruction, and ballistic missiles of all ranges in accordance with the relevant UN Security Council resolutions.

Japan also urges North Korea to return to full compliance with the NPT and to cooperate promptly with the Agency in the full and effective implementation of Agency comprehensive safeguards, including all necessary safeguards activities provided for in the safeguards agreement.

Japan reiterates that North Korea cannot and will never have the status of a nuclear-weapons State in accordance with the NPT, as stated in UN Security Council resolutions 1718 (2006) and 1874 (2009), and in the Final Document of the 2010 Review Conference of the Parties to the NPT.

Japan emphasizes the critical importance of full implementation of all relevant UN Security Council resolutions, and calls upon all Member States to continue working together to this end. In this regard, Japan is deeply concerned about deepening cooperation between Russia and the North Korea including arms transfers in violation of UN Security Council resolutions. This cooperation has security implications for the Korean Peninsula, across the Indo-Pacific region, in Europe and around the world.

Japan commends the impartial efforts of DG Grossi and the Secretariat to apply comprehensive safeguards in North Korea, as well as the Agency’s continued work to enhance its ability and readiness to verify North Korea’s nuclear programme. We also highly appreciate the DG’s report and the DPRK team’s professional analysis and assessment on North Korea’s activities including its commissioning of the Light Water Reactor at Yongbyon, of which Japan is deeply concerned.

Japan will continue to work closely with the IAEA and the international community to resolve our concerns regarding North Korea.

Thank you, Chair.