Thank you, Chair,
Japan thanks the Director General for the update in his opening statement with regards to his efforts to re-engage with Syria.
Thirteen years have passed since the Board of Governors adopted a resolution in June 2011 finding Syrian Arab Republic to be in non-compliance with its Safeguards Agreement. Japan regrets that no new information or substantial development has been observed on the nuclear issue of Syria. Japan reiterates its call to Syria to cooperate fully with the Agency in order to resolve all outstanding issues. We support the Director General’s call to Syria to address the long outstanding issues and we hope that the Director General’s visit to Damascus in March will lead to a constructive dialogue to clarify all outstanding issues.
Japan continues to pay close attention to Syria’s alleged nuclear cooperation with North Korea in the construction of the Dair Alzour site and in the related procurement activities, as repeatedly mentioned in the Director General’s reports. We once again urge Syria to dispel the concerns of the international community by responding in good faith to the Director General’s call. Japan also calls upon Syria to conclude an Additional Protocol.

Japan requests the Director General to keep the Board of Governors informed on this issue and retain this item on the agenda of its meetings.
Thank you, Chair.